What does strep throat look like ?

The appearance is extreme red and the back portion of the tonsils is white in color. Fever is also present. If you think that you are affected with strep throat, consult a doctor for antibiotic treatment. Basically, the strep throat can be very painful especially when you have swallowed something. More often than not, strep throat will not affect other diseases but do not disregard this as this can lead to serious illnesses. Sore throat usually happens during the winter season.

Normally in children, strep throat is due to bacteria termed as Streptococcus. The children are easily infected because they would often touch other people who might be infected with strep throat. Usually, the tonsils in strep throat are enlarged and red in color. However, the symptoms that occur in babies and toddlers are different.

These include:
• Fever
• Will not be able to sleep at night
• Difficult to please
• Does not want to drink milk because swallowing can be hurtful

For toddlers, the symptoms are:
• Discomfort when sleeping
• Gets angry easily
• Pain in the stomach
• Nasal discharges

Acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be effective in relieving the pain in the throat, reduce the fever and provide a little comfort. Toddlers should be advised to save their voices, drink sufficient water when possible and add some honey to their drinks in order to relieve the sore throat. A doctor should be sought to make sure that the strep throat will improve and the child that is affected will feel better. Several simple preventive methods can be followed to avoid strep throat.

What is most important is to have a balanced diet so that the body’s immunity is strengthened. Hands should be washed with soaps or sanitizer particularly if you happen to come in contact with individuals who have cough and other diseases which are contagious. Another thing is you should avoid using personal things of other people such as towels, toothbrushes, clothes and others. In addition, it is advisable that the mouth and nose are covered if you are suffering from strep throat.

This is to prevent the disease from spreading. In conclusion, strep throat is certainly a contagious condition. Hence, if the symptoms previously mentioned are observed, the doctor should be consulted immediately so that proper treatment is given. This is also useful so that the spread of the disease is prevented. Proper care is necessary.